Attitude In Sweden

Monday, 29 November 2010


Now I have started school in Sweden i will tell you all about it and about my friends.I will start of with my friends.By the way in no paticular order.Cajsa, Linnea, Natta, Matilda,Celina, Soffan(Sofie),Lovisa, Ebba, Elin Emelie, Linnea, Alice, Wilma, Isabell, Evelina. There is more but they are my main friends.Ok.Now about school.I will tell you about all my school days. 
On Mondays I have P.E.(i will tell you 1 exciting thing about everyday if there isn't anything exciting i will tell you my favourite lesson)
On Tuesdays I learn Swedish with Moniqua.
On Wednesdays I have a thing called girl group and livskanskop and swedish with Moniqua.
On Thursdays I have origami.
On Fridays i have P.E. 
That is all for this time.Will post again soon.